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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Great Things...

" Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together "

-Vincent Van Gogh

I guess that is my answer. I have to go with option #4. That is the only way for this thing to work. There are many things out there for me to do. I am currently working on my resume to send to the Community College for their community ed program. I am researching some e-commerce ideas. If I can make $$$ without even leaving my house, that would be great!!! Lots of people are doing it, the trick is finding the right thing. ..In the mean time, I have been working hard on my other goal---which is to lose some weight, and get in better shape. I walked/ran every morning we were on vacation, except the day we left. I also worked out at the Y after dropping Jake off yesterday. My plan was to go for a swim today, but S is sick, so I have to postpone that til later....It will all come together...If I keep up my motivation....He He...that is the hard part....

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

People Are Strange

I just hate when people do wierd and rude shit. Have you ever been somewhere and seen someone you know, but they act like they don't know you? I mean you look right at them, and smile or aknowledge them, and they look away as if they didn't even see you???? What is up with that? I mean, I'm not out for a whole conversation, or, as Larry David would call it, a "stop and chat", just a nod, just an aknowledgement...whatever. People are just wierd. Or the people that are only nice to you if they want something. My boss is like that. Most of the time he barely acts like he knows my name, or that I am even one of his employees, until he needs help with his computer....then he is my old pal..."Heyyyy Karin...Hows it goin? How's John doin???........Oh, can you stop by my office and take a look at my computer for me.....Oh and I want to say...FUCK OFF...figure it out yourself fat bastard, or are you going to put me in your belly?????? Whatever. Can you tell I'm a little on edge this evening??? Anywhooo....i guess thats it. I need to catch the new episode of.....Smallville

Monday, February 14, 2005

The Future Of My Career

I am going to leave my job.....(Shhhhh)...It is by choice though (for the most part). I have some other things in the works in my head. Last summer I was preparing to embark on a business venture on my own. "Argolaris Technology Consulting"....I would do all things IT for people, small businesses and residential....Troubleshooting, training, repair, simple networking, web desig/hosting, graphic design.....etc. Then, J lost his job, I had to return to mine, and life went on. Well, as one can probably tell from my My Job Blows Goats post, I am not too happy with my current position. I think it is time to venture on. I will now begin to use this blog as a means to bounce ideas, etc. for my business venture. This whole thing has to go down soon. Here is what I am currently working on:
1. Researching IT franchises
2. Applying for job at MIS in New Britain
3. Pushing forward with Argolaris
4. Doing part Argolaris, some custom artwork for people, teaching computer classes at night and any other thing that I can do that comes along (within acceptable means of course!!!)...I.E. piecing together a job

At this moment in time I am leaning towards idea #4, but I have not ruled out any of the others.

My main thing is one of us needs to have flexible hours, be available for the kids, and be closer to home. Especially when Jake goes to kindergarten next year.


Sunday, February 06, 2005

Beautiful Weekend

I have not posted in a few days, because I have had quite a busy social life this weekend. It was the Annual Winter Fest at Highland Lake....complete with bonfires, skating, snowmobiling, dancing, drinking, eating, etc. etc. A typical family gathering at the Mancini's. The weather could not have been nicer for the middle of winter... 40-50 deg. both days. I have also begun my more "active" lifestyle for the new year by going for a nice brisk walk both Sat and Sun morning. Now, me and my family are all sittiing on the couch, watching the Super Bowl, and relaxing....Couldn't be a better ending for a perfect weekend....

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

My Job Blows Goats

When I say it blows goats, I am not kidding. (No pun intended) I am now officially on the hunt for new employment because I am tired of the incompetant beaurocratic infrastructure of the education system. There I go, using that word again. I guess I don't like myself then. I do like sarcasm though. I am trying to think of a way I can piece together several different jobs to make up enough $ to live on....Sometimes you must let people live with the consequences of their decisions, and move on with your life. As long as people like myself keep bailing out the incompetant assholes, they keep looking good....and we keep....What? Nothing. And now, an alcoholic beverage!!!

Monday, January 31, 2005

Things I Don't Like

Things I Don't Like:

Incompetent bosses
Rude Nurses
Being behind trucks on back roads
People who try to have conversations with you when you are obviously very busy...
Dirty dishes
Bureaucratic Infrastructure
People who use words like "Infrastructure"...
Computer Viruses

Oh, did I mention today was a very stressful day? I did manage to get this Blog started though.

My First Post

Hello to all...this is my first blog. KarTay Diem....in other words...about how i siezed the day(?) I started this Blog account mainly so I can respond to My husband's Blog, but I think it will be fun to record some of my own thoughts and ideas...So...Here goes...nothing